A consultive style, customer-first sales approach has enabled me to become a top performer (in both volume and revenue) in my last two sales positions. Though the products were on opposite ends of the spectrum, the path to sales and happy customers is one in the same. Take the time to find out what they truly need and help solve their problems.


“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…” Well, that is not entirely true, but I believe success is found in a combination of the two. I’m the person who knows someone in every position in every industry… Towboat pilot, deckhand, flight attendant, doctor, nurse, lawyer, cook, CEO, busser, tour guide, hotel manager, wind turbine engineer, and so on. I enjoy networking and learning about people and their passions. Because there is no greater joy than helping someone be more successful at something they are passionate about.


Graduating with degrees in Marketing and Business Management, I took a position with a marketing firm as a digital marketing consultant. I loved the position and the business. Facilitating the exchange of goods between producers and consumers is a passion of mine. I enjoy finding new ways to advertise, package products, tap emerging markets, etc. I believe my marketing knowledge and background truly makes me a better sales person.

Clay Deal

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